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Bang Bang feat. UsVsThem

from by Swamp Lake

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Theres a dozen reason why you keep your head in the sand
Because ignorance is bliss,
Yeah I get man I understand
Its really difficult
To be have an individual identity
When everything original is criminal
And ridiculed by major publications and such
Cause parallases without proper analysis
Busted by a loose change video
That cripples corruption
Distract the people by pushing a red button of
Who said, who did it
He’s a terrorist
finish him with a deadly attack
of snake venom by a lyrasist
while the rich get richer from stocks
the middle class staying warm from a blanket full of small pox
same story and its written in code
of double talk illuminated by the few who control
ive got a remedy to nullify the fear they ignite
you can hear the bang echo in the dead of the night

and it sounded like bang bang bang

feeling short of breath like I’m in a sleeper hold
cant slow down doing 90 over pot holes
exposing plot holes in the fold of what your used to
pick up shattered glass and hold it fast with some crazy glue
you got to be at least a little crazy to get through
you got to stand out of the pack or they gonna forget you
on the attack never slack but I stay cool
can’t let the day to day, pay to play rattle me
and get a salary and hov mentality
loose your grip and you flip on reality
you can casually walk into a casualty
pink slip and end up stepping off a balcony
no man is safe from
what you’ve become when you’ve got to fight for every crum
and the snakes acting fake with a fork toungue
trying to help some, but you looking out for number 1

(theres a war going on outside no man is safe from / you can run, but you cant hide forever)
and it sounded like bang bang bang

We come packing heat, cause its cold on the street
And you got to make a fire if you want to eat
You got to catch a rat, cook it with a ketchup packet
Pack your shit and go before the pigs come and snatch it
Put the ball in the basket
Nail in the coffin
Closed casket
For those bastards
you got to fight for it, you can’t quit or forfeit
Or get fucked by a thug Chuck Norris
Theres a war going on inside
You can’t escape from - filthy kisses with snake tongues
In the 510, you got to keep it live
Or get swallowed whole, and end deep inside the beast
Instead of inside riding beats
Is where you’ll find me til’ I’m deceased
With rabies or lime disease
Or maybe freeze
When its 95 degrees

And it sounded like bang bang bang


from Bombay, released May 11, 2011


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