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Dont Look Back

from by Swamp Lake

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Open up just a little bit
Keep it simple for the idiots
You know im fuckin with you
if you are illiterate, but if you are…
Than I’m really sorry that the system failed you
Nailed you
to that cross-road situation your in
kind of like the cross you’ve been praying to ever since you was a little kid
but now your sad and sorry,
got your nuts in the glory hole,
wishing that your hand was just a little more powerful

so you can go all in, one swoop
instead your getting head in the stall of the bathroom
chillin with a picture of jenna Jamison inside of your head
getting brain and then complaining bout the woman that you married
at home, got you feeling alone
broken car, and got a sky high phone bill from roaming on the road
no minutes till 9 for 3 weeks
but that’ll never work, cause your girl will beef

if she can’t reach yo ass within the first three rings
got her thinking that your probably kicking it & doing things
with other girls,
because they come a dime a dozen
especially the ones that you seem to fall in love with
but that’s another conversation for another time
always on the grind,
got her always on your mind
got me thinking all about the rhymes I could kick
all the ass I could get, if my ass got legit

and I got my shit together
but for worst or the better
this is how it has to be
but it will change like the weather
driving in the fast lane, moving hella slow
acting like an asshole, talking through the whole show
& for the record
this is a strict violion
if I’m ever put into a single situation –
I’ve got no patience for an idi-ot
So don’t spray no allegations
I hold it down, when I moving towards the final destination
Don’t Look Down
Don’t Look Back

The names Skope, incase you didn’t know
Right now were living out in the east O, yo
The weather’s nice, and the rent is low
And its just a bart ride from san Francisco, so
I got time to work on my flow, oh
And smoke herb, your herbs so lets go, woah
Pack it up with Just and Rick Steezy
Lifes hard but we make it look easy
9 to 5 makes me queezy
its like a cd
that keeps repeating
over and over, I’m closer and closer
to sticking a fork, inside of the toaster
but instead of rolling over, I decided to control
all the pieces of my life
that are part of my soul
if you go for your goals, go hard or go home
more holes in your plot than they got in the o zone
your like a snow cone
in the sunshine
running slow mo from popo... one time
for your mind a new Skope and Just song
known to bust flows from dusk till dawn, and dawn back to dusk
pack it up, in the bong or the bowl I don’t give a fuck

(Just) what about a spliff or a blunt?
yeah, that’s the ticket c’mon don’t front

Don’t look Down
Don’t look Back


from Bombay, released May 11, 2011


all rights reserved



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