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One 0 One

from by Swamp Lake

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It usually begins with a kick drum
Followed by a pattern of hi hats
That Rumble in the cranium
For a minute
just before I get in it
I start to focus on the feeling
Where the sky is the limit

And we’ll pass it through compressors
just to keep it sounding slick
got an infinite amounts of sounds
to mess around with
very naturally,
it leaves a lot open roads
when your sculpting up the audio

This is a part of my every day endeavor
So no matter the weather,
I try to find a way to put it all together
Into (all these) sound waves,
exhibit and show
What it takes to build breaks, to come through your stereo

And chances are, you’ll never catch a click track
Got impecible timing to syncopate your favorite written raps,
it’s a fact,
You can sample up
and chop it
Bring it back
Rewind, & never stop it

Sample up and chop it
Give me some coffee and a little bit of chocolate
And I’ll go off on any kind of topic
But if I act obnoxious, I’ll calm down with massive bong hits
Banging drum sticks and making songs with
Inner reflections that are close to caustic
Influenced by most the cosmos,
So here is a toast to bob ross
Happy little trees are almost
Enough to make your problems all gone
But I don’t paint so I make songs
When life wont let me put the breaks on
Its bigger than us we can’t stop it,
So we just
Sample up and chop it
We make music, not just for a profit
So feel free to
Sample up and chop it

& when the sun went down
The night turned cold
You could feel it in your soul
So I stepped to the drum kit,
Took a little hit of the green leaves,
Rolled like a misfit

And grab the pen or a sharpie
To get the party started like a car key
Classic, old school Atari
Smooth and rugged kind of like a harley

All we got to do is open up a new session,
throw a little eq mixed w compression
you can’t for get the reverb,
cause we want to make it hit real smooth - like that kush herb

pop – poppin pills, we ain’t down with that,
but the greeny green, got a pound of that
so sit back with a pen and a friend
rollin up dimes, writing rhymes again

gotta keep it smooth when we blaze it
like your girls legs or her cootch when she shaves it
We got that new sound you can bump,
Swamp Lake fool – rattle in your trunk (uh)

Or in your headphones when your on the bus
Song stuck in your head when your making lunch
Drum kicks, that really pack a punch
We eat that shit up, like captain crunch

So you can sample up and chop it
Recyle waves in your own way
Replay and rock it
Elevated topics
Where I can close both my optics
Get lost in the sonics

Lost in the page for days, you can’t stop it
So we just, sample up and chop it
You can try but you’ll never stop the profit
So feel free to sample up and chop it


from Bombay, released May 11, 2011


all rights reserved



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