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Quiet the Storm

from by Swamp Lake

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Quiet the Storm
They try and quiet the storm
So be aware

Taking shelter
In the house of cards
These walls once stood strong and tall,
Are ready to fall
Guards all around on the premises
Acting as an arch nemasis
That they talk about in genesis

We battle like true soldiers do
Fight for the cause
Cause that’s what were here to do
Battle like were not be fucked with
If the shit hit the fan & the quiet storm erupted

got me thinking every pig pens currupt
& now my mind racing
like a lambo vs a pick up truck
you don’t want to step up
because your bound to get mowed
by an elevated bunch of us

we got a lot of power inside of the numbers that we roll with
sit & smoke a bowl, with the music that we pass upon
& we can talk about change
& how to alter brain waves to deconstruct this Babylon

Quiet the storm
They try and quiet the storm
Be aware

They try to quiet us, quiet the storm by using violence
Defy the norm, no we won’t be silenced
Using whatever strengths inside us
And when the times right, we’ll strike the tyrants
They act so pious, Its fake those liars,
act like we won’t throw em in a lake of fire
but when you stand in between a man and his purpose
don’t be surprised when it turns into a circus
and I don’t mean a flying trapeze
I mean when he’s gotta a 45 he’s dying to squeeze
I see that a lot of snakes like to hide in the trees
And only come when the sunshine recedes
Like vampires
But their drive is greed
And inside they fiend for a god that’s green
But I’m not your slave, and I’m not a machine
I’m a free man, and a human being


Quiet the storm
They try and quiet the storm
Be aware

(Just & Skope)
Its all Anger hate
Sex greed
Happiness love
connections belief
resentment lust
sin & rage
compassion & beauty
its all the same page
compassion duality
its all the same page

Quiet the storm
They try and quiet the storm
Be aware


from Bombay, released May 11, 2011


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